Progressive Montessori School offers a variety of program choices for you and your child. Both the 
							toddler class and the pre-primary class are composed of mixed age groupings. Children learn from others as well as the materials and the 
							teacher. "Freedom within limits" describes an environment where children are free to choose their work, and working at their own 
							individual pace completing the task in an appropriate manner.
Order ... Concentration ... Coordination ... Independence ... Toddlers begin building the foundation for whom they are to become during this time. 
							Their character, self-esteem, purpose in life, social skills, and learning processes begin to form. To be a toddler is to be 
							curios. Our first mission is to make sure children end their Toddler period with their curiosity intact, for it is an essential 
							life tool and is fragile at this stage. With this in mind, the environment is a prepared little society. The child is not served, 
							but encouraged to become a functioning member of the society and to explore it fully. Multiage classrooms feature custom-sized tables 
							and chairs, sinks and stools, bookshelves and mirrors, and indoor and outdoor play areas, all designed to appeal to the childs' natural 
							curiosity. Progressive Montessori School Program
Progressive Montessori School Kids Picture - Spring  Texas
"Education is an aid to life." Her philosophy has remained true into the 21st CENTURY "It is true we cannot make a genuis," Montessori once wrote, "We can only give each individual the chance to fulfill his potential in becoming an independent, secure and balanced human being." ... Learn more >>
Evidence proves that improper progress affects a child's gene structure. By the age of six, nueral pathways leading to particular functions can be shut if not properly utilized and cause dysfunction. Level of literacy, language skills and IQ are also set by the age of six,according to researchers.  
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